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Nowa Leśnica is a residential investment on the map of Wrocław that combines the atmosphere of closeness to nature with direct access to public transport. The estate is located in the vicinity of the center of Leśnica, at Kaczorowskiego Street, at the threshold of Leśnicki Forest. This is a unique location providing convenient access to the center (buses and trams), offering at the same time the immediate vicinity of recreational areas, which allows walking and active leisure. The location of the estate also provides easy access to the city bypass of Leśnica, enabling efficient access to the Wrocław Motorway Bypass, the center or the airport.

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In preparation

Kiełczówek Premium (working name) is an investment which is currently under planning. The investment will cover about 130 residential units with areas ranging from 75 to 150 sq m, offered in form of large apartments, terraced houses and twins - so that everyone can find a form that suits their expectations.

Investment will be carried out on a plot of approximately 30,000 m2, in Kiełczówek (Długołęka commune, Wrocław poviat), less than 6 km from the Wrocław border, creating a safe space with a complete infrastructure of roads, lighting and walking paths. In addition, 24/7 security and modern monitoring system will take care of the residents' safety. For your comfort, modern houses will include garages inscribed in the building blocks, and large gardens which will provide an intimate atmosphere to the housing estate. An unquestionable advantage of the location is planned construction of the next section of the Wrocław Eastern HighWay Bypass (2020), thanks to which the car connection with the city will be quick and pleasant. The investment is planned for 2019-2020.


The subject of the first implementation of JK Deweloper was the general contracting of a high-class three-story LixOffice office building, with a usable area of approximately 2,200 sq m, located in the Jerzmanów district of Wrocław, just 11 km from the Wrocław Market Square. Thanks to the close vicinity of the airport and the Wrocław bypass, as well as public transport, the office building is well-connected. LixOffice was put into use in June 2018.

LixOffice is characterized by a modern and elegant external appearance and a high standard of finish. The building was made with the use of energy-saving technologies, using devices with high energy efficiency. The elevation of the building was designed to create comfortable working conditions. Aluprof high-rise windows in a warm installation not only give the building an interesting and elegant form and ensure optimal sun exposure of office rooms, but in combination with the Equitone facade system reduce energy consumption and provide thermal and acoustic protection, which positively affects the well-being of users and creates favorable conditions for efficient work.

LixOffice is equipped with a modern, economical and environmentally friendly heating system for supplying hot utility water using a gas boiler. The building also has an extensive fire protection system, a smoke extraction system, it is made of fire resistant building materials, and the roof, walls, doors and ceilings have been designed in a proper fire-fighting class. The office building has an innovative system of heat pumps with heating functions, energy-saving air conditioning in the VRF system and ventilation, which ensures optimal working conditions and reduces operating costs. The building is equipped with a telephone and teleinformation network with the exchange.

LixOffice offers 40 office rooms ranging in size from 13 to 32 sq m, using modern technological and IT solutions. On the ground floor there is a 24-hour reception and a customer service point, as well as an eight-car garage and technical and sanitary facilities. At every level, conference rooms, archiving rooms and social facilities with kitchenettes are available to clients. Modern communication solutions ensure convenient movement between particular floors and have been designed for people with mobility limitations (passenger lift, low thresholds). On each floor there are also toilets adapted to the needs of disabled people.

Taking care of the convenience of LixOffice users and guests, we have also taken care of the external infrastructure, preparing a spacious car park with 56 parking spaces, also for the disabled. The area around the office building will be aesthetically arranged with greenery. The safety of our clients is ensured by the 24/7 building security and monitoring.